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Preraditi Industries

Once, it was great!


Now, it is in the way.


We can help you with that.

WhAT Is Preraditi Industries?


At Preraditi Industries, we specialize in large scale planetary clean-ups but we can tackle any job from cities and space stations down to your everyday household droid or that old, broken blaster. A member in good standing of the Mindabaal league, Preraditi Industries was formed in response to the need for a widespread clean-up. 

Preraditi Industries is constantly growing and evolving, aiming to be a leader in the industry. We take pride in our work. Who doesn't like wrecking things from time to time? Need the materials after we are done? Everything's negotiable.

Looking for a faction where you can allow your destructive nature to have its fun? Do you enjoy turning junk into something useful? Then come join the Preraditi family. Our benefits package is unparalleled. Whether you come for the possibilities of advancement, to be a part of a faction that makes a real difference in the galaxy, or the 15% discount offered to all members of the Mindibaal league at taverns on K'taktaxka? You will stay because you have found a place to belong.

Services offered include:

City demolition
Droid reclamation
Weapons dismantling
Starship deconstruction
Starbase removal

and data card rentals